Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Two: Ask me what the secret of comedy is

This old joke kept running through my brain today during class. Would it matter that I was practicing at noon today instead of 9am like yesterday? What about tomorrow when I'll probably go at 5pm? Does the time of day have an effect on my practice?

In a way I think it does. This morning I was able to get a job application out and write 2 pages before I left the house, so I didn't have as much guilt about doing yoga instead of work. I had already worked! But I was starting to get hunger pains just before class started... so I was a little distracted by that until they started to subside some time during the standing series.

Morning classes mean I'm a little tired all day. Noon classes mean I might get some work done in the morning, but then not necessarily want to do anything else that day. Evening classes mean that I might do stuff during the day but want to go to bed by 8pm. I'm hoping that a more regular practice will eventually even these things out... and there's only one way to figure that out!

Here's how it went:

Injuries: Ankle is still a little bruised/swollen, but definitely a lot better than yesterday.

Postures: I got through all of them without any dizziness or vision disturbances, although my muscles are a little sore from their rude awakening yesterday, so I don't think I was getting as deep into postures as I used to.

Notable changes: Fixed firm: yesterday my knees were so tight I just kind of half sat down, without my butt ever actually touching the ground. Today I was able to sit all the way down and get onto my elbows for the first set, touch my head in the second.

Favorite pose today: Triangle: we sang happy birthday during second set to two people who happened to be doing birthday yoga. It made me really aware of my breath and how breathing through your mouth instead of your nose (as one tends to do while singing... at least, I do) can really affect your body.

Least favorite: Spine Strengthening Series, especially Cobra. It was as if my body was anticipating the hurt and hurting extra... almost like it was making up for not being so bad yesterday.

By the way, in case you didn't already know, guess or google it... the secret to comedy is timing...

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