Friday, October 28, 2011

Day Five: Shaking is Good

Today was hard. Especially so since yesterday was so much easier... but that's sort of the way of it. One good day doesn't mean you'll only ever have good days again, just the same as one bad day doesn't sentence you to a lifetime of them.

My legs shake, a lot, especially in things like awkward pose, but even in poses that the average person might not consider especially straining, like standing separate leg stretching (I still can't grab my feet) and even at the end of class during the stretch that goes along with head to knee pose. I've been told, many times, that shaking is good, shaking means that you're pushing yourself to the edge of your comfort zone, you're teaching yourself and your muscles something. So I'm going to call today a shaking day. I wasn't sure I wanted to go, I even went to a later class than planned, it was hard and I wanted to give up after every posture... but I went. And that is good.

Injuries: Ankle is healing, slowly but surely.

Class: So hard. I really had to push myself after every posture (especially on the floor) but I did each and every one.

Notable changes: With the right encouragement/explanation, I'm starting to get my hip in line during balancing stick.

Favorite pose today: None, really. But that's ok.

Least favorite: All of 'em. But again, ok.

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