Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Six: Yoga is yoga is yoga

I had the good fortune to stumble upon and read this article last night. It reminded me that all yoga is good yoga, and, while the best workout I've ever done, bikram is not just about the physical body. Today I wasn't feeling great (and my stomach is still a bit off, truth-be-told) but I still went. It was more of a mental struggle than a physical one, especially since I let myself be a little more relaxed due to the wobbly tummy.

How it went:

Class: Difficult. Sat out triangle and toe-stand, but did pretty much everything else. My stomach was rumbly pretty much the whole time, but mind over matter, right?

Notable changes: More mental than physical: allowing myself a less intense day, reminding myself that it isn't the end of the world... that sort of thing.

Favorite pose today: Half-moon. Getting to push deeper and it doesn't hurt my abs nearly as much.

Least favorite: Anything forward bending made me feel pretty gross...

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