Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 5: Just when you don't think you can sweat anymore...

After four days it seems like you can't possibly have any water left in you to sweat out, right? WRONG. I think I was more sweaty today than I was in any of the previous four days. You'd also think you'd be ready to give up, but I totally wasn't. I almost sat out of the second set of triangle, probably mostly out of habit, but then the instructor announced that today is the birthday of one of the regular practitioners, so I knew I couldn't. The studio I practice at here has a tradition of singing a full verse of happy birthday on anyone's birthday during each side of the second set of triangle, so I knew I had to do it. Once I got through that the rest of the class breezed on by.

Still waiting for the final word, but it looks like my little buddy will get to go home today! That means that I don't have to practice tomorrow, but it almost feels weird that I won't be. Maybe a break would be good for the weekend though. I'll be visiting with family next week, and while there isn't a bikram studio in that town, there are two moksha studios, so you know I'll still be getting my sweat on! Or I could practice at home, with the cds... what, you don't own the bikram cds? It's worth the 20$ for the bikramisms alone ("This is not a cheesecake factory!" is probably my favorite).

*I put an asterisk in my post yesterday when I was talking about the instructors practicing while pregnant, which I meant to follow up on at the end of the post but got too excited about the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis video to remember to actually do so. All I really wanted to say is: a) it's super cool to see them practice, and b) if you are pregnant or considering getting pregnant and you do bikram, make sure you talk to your instructors/studio owners/doctors. There is a modified series (aka no lying on the belly, etc). If you are but have never done bikram, you might want to wait to start. The heat + some of the postures could be dangerous, especially for someone inexperienced. I don't know if I would do it if I got pregnant and I've been practicing for 6 years, but there is no set rule, it just depends on each person.

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