Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do the clothes make the practice?

While I posted in my open letter about the dangers of over-dressing for bikram (seriously, sweatpants in the hot room might kill you), I've also noticed over the past few weeks that the outfit I wear can potentially make or break my class. Most of my tops are of the racer-back variety, and while they're mostly from the same company (and all the same size) there is one in particular that seems to be cut a little different around the neck, and it feels like it's choking me around the sides and back of my neck. Every time I wear this top I want to run screaming from the room after about 25 mins. And it just gets worse as time goes on. It makes me feel claustrophobic, like the room is hotter and smaller than normal.

I mentioned it yesterday after class and I was surprised to hear that other people had similar experiences and it had taken them time to find the right yoga gear for them. Someone suggested a bandeau top (like a tube top, but not covering the stomach) but I think I'd be extra self-conscious, worrying that things might fall apart in the middle of standing-bow or any other posture, really. I need something that will give me support and enough coverage to not feel self-conscious, without feeling like I'm choking. I'm not a big brand person, I know some people loooooove certain brands, but really comfort and affordability are my biggest concerns.

Any suggestions would be very welcome!


  1. You know what's surprisingly good? Target.

    The first one on the page comes in a bunch of different colors. I have it in 2 colors. It's not like my FAVORITE, but it doesn't annoy me either and the price is great.

    Been wearing lots of leotards lately - very "old school" but sooooo comfortable! No waistband!!

    1. Thanks j! I've bought most of my stuff from target or kohls but I always end up going with the racer/t backs... I might just try some of those out thoug!!