Friday, January 27, 2012


This morning there were 2 new students in class and the instructor asked them towards the end of the class what they thought. The first girl said it was even more than she had expected, while the second new student, a middle aged gentleman, was asked if he had any "words of wisdom from a beginner"... and he said "patience".

The first few weeks that I started practicing 4-5 times, I saw a lot of changes, quickly. But, as always, life gets in the way, and I traveled a few times over holidays and lost out on a couple of full weeks. I always find things to be harder to get back into when I've been away for long stretches of time, be it yoga or writing or knitting or whatever. So the changes have slowed, but they're still there, if I look for them. Some things hurt more now, like my hamstrings, but I'm told that that's a good sign... but not to push it too much.

The best results, even in yoga, come to those who wait. And practice. And listen to their bodies. So that's what I'll do! Namaste.

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