Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Double Trouble

I completed my 2nd double yesterday and boy am I tired! The thing about doubles is that it isn't like doing 2 regular yoga classes (at least, not for me). The first class I sort of took it easy, not really pushing myself to my limits because I kept thinking "I'll be doing this again in 2 hours, I can push it then". Except that I can't. Because by 2 hours later I'm exhausted. I mean, like, really, seriously, dead tired. I did a lot (comparatively speaking) in the 2nd class, but it was tough. It was better when I tried not to think about it, because when I thought about it it went something like this: "omg, why am I doing this again? am I INSANE?" and then I'd collapse onto the floor. (OK, not like, pass-out collapse, but sink very heavily down on to my mat.)

Fortunately I had some great partners-in-crime. There's a group of 3 or 4 people at my studio who do doubles at least once a month together. They were supportive and smiling and trying the whole time. Every time I'd just want to lie there in regret, the woman beside me would smile and poke my arm and I'd get back into posture.

Say what you will about bikram, I know it's not for everyone. (And although I was a little harsh on new students the last time, you can read a teacher's open letter to new students to get the kinder, gentler version of why it is the way it is.) But the people are amazing and it is the one place that I feel like I've been accepted into a community here in my new town. I thought the same thing about my previous bikram studio... I've never met a group of people more accepting or open to newbies. And that's a hard thing to find in yoga studios, having tried more than a few in my life. I often felt like the instructors and regulars are judging me, and keeping their distance, as if they were yogic-demi-gods who the rest of us newbs should worship. Not at any bikram studio I've ever attended. Surprisingly enough, it's not about ego, it's about doing your best and appreciating the energy of the people around you.

The doubles are hard, but extra rewarding, especially when you're surrounded by friends! Looking forward to the next one... but not too soon...

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