Wednesday, December 14, 2011

getting back to it

Last week was a "light" bikram week for me... I was away, visiting my old town, where I'm still a student and have the occasional necessary meeting with my thesis advisor, etc. I did, fortunately, also get to visit my first bikram studio, Bikram Yoga Hampden. Unfortunately, I only got in twice, but luckily once was to take one of the final classes of the dancing J (final classes there, of course, she's moving on to another studio) as well as a class of one of the newest bikram graduates, who I knew as a fellow student at BYH. Both classes were awesome, in their own ways, I just wish I had had more time to get in and take even MORE classes!

Now I'm a little stiff and today will be my 3rd day back in a row to the studio here. Next week will be interrupted again as I go home to visit with family (yay!) but I'm hoping to get into the hot yoga studio there, which, while heated, isn't Bikram. But still good and good for me!

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